We offer a complete range of services from initial concept right through to obtaining Building Consent:

Initial Site Appraisal – identifying relevant local council issues and possible solutions/alternatives

Obligation Free Quotes – incl. description of the documentation process and timeframes

Concept Stage – initial Design includes Proposed Plan, Site Plan and Sections/Elevations as required of the finished design, which will be presented for your approval modification as required.

Final Stage – full Working Drawings based on the accepted Concept Plans above. The drawings/documentation are to a level for lodging for a Building Consent and include a LBP Design Certificate.

Building Consent Application – we act as your agent, submitting the Building Consent application with the local council and liaising with them during the process

Uplift Consent – once approved we uplift the consent and distribute it as required eg suppliers/builders/contractors.

We are very much client based, your suggestions will be used as a basis for design, however we will offer common-sense alternatives if, and as they arise. Ultimately the design decision is with the client, we understand that we are all individuals with our own likes and dislikes. As such we work to meet your requirements first and foremost, rather than try to steer you in a direction you are reluctant to follow. Often the design will require the input of third parties, surveying/structural/foundation work the most common. We are more than happy to liaise and co-ordinate these experienced professionals, quoted and agreed upon by the client, as part of our services in order to obtain the Building Consent. Alternatively we are just as happy to work with contacts clients suggest.

We realise that not all projects are alike, and while not officially aligned with any particular builder or building company, we can recommend suitable contractors for your particular project and required expertise.

Steve Neale

New Zealand - DBH: LBP Design 2 - 112998
Queensland – QBCC: Building Design Open - 1231594